Problems with slideshows

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Problems with slideshows

Post by Sidrack »

Here's my description of the problem. Maybe this is something that needs to be corrected in future versions of MakeMKV?

BTW, the title tested was The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) - Blu-ray.
I noticed that while AnyDVD, MakeMKV, TsMuxer and etc. can work with the movie and all featurettes from Blu-rays, there's a problem with the photo galleries/slideshows.

I mean, if you visit the Blu-ray disc and go to that content, you will see a 2m40s slideshow (for example) with 50 pictures. However, when I decrypt the disc and search for the same contents in the BDMV/STREAM folder (using MPC-HC instead of Total Media Theatre), I see a 10 MB m2ts file that, while it says it has 2m40s, can only play 1 second and showing all pictures in that interval.

As if the lenght of that slideshow was only determined by the original authoring (decrypted or not) itself.

It turns out if I insert the original disc (or the decrypted files, but only using TMT and not MPC), I will be able to see all photos in this slideshow and just watch while the pictures are being switched by the player itself.

If I use MakeMKV or TSMuxer I will only get this broken file.

I tried to do the same thing in another gallery and the lenght of that file was 1 second (in Matroska format). The full lenght (during 1 second, and also broken) can be noted if you attempt to open the original m2ts file.

What should I do?

Is there a way to fix this?

As you can see, it doesn't matter if I try to open the original m2ts (only the specified file) or the converted (in MKV). They will both last 1 second.

In case you need an example, this is a 7 MB file. Try to open in MPC-HC and see what happens.

And try to open this one (m2ts) - 8 MB:

I think this is also happening on DVDs.
I tried to open the BD folder using this program mentioned here:

And it's listing the PLAYLIST folder with all applicable MPLS files with the proper lenght. However, I noticed something interesting.

See the image:

If I push the "Play" button on this screen, the respective file (with the slideshow) will finally play with 2 minutes and not 1 second. But as you can see, BDEdit instructed BSPlayer (or any other player for that matter) what is the correct lenght from these specific files identified as "slideshows".

My question is: how do I generate MKV files (not compressed) from those slideshows? Are there any guides about this? Why aren't MakeMKV or TSMuxer already doing that? I thought they were reading the BD folders which are telling the exact lenght of those files. Unless this is a bug and there's no way to fix it unless it's done by the authors?

P.S. I tried to open the applicable MPLS files using TSMuxer, and the correspondent file (m2ts) was loaded by the program. But when I used the Demux option, it simply replied "can't open the file". And I don't see the difference in instructing TSMuxer to open MPLS files.
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Re: Problems with slideshows

Post by mike admin »

In short, you can't do that. Blu-ray player software knows how to display this file in a "slow motion" but otherwise it's a regular video file.
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Re: Problems with slideshows

Post by Sidrack »

Do you think we will be able to circumvent this one day? I didn't expected something that couldn't be converted. Perhaps this is a job for the MKVToolnix developer? To insert on this MKV file some instruction to play this MKV file with 2m40s and not 1 second? If there is such thing, of course.

You see, my problem is that I intended to do those things:

1) Convert all contents of this disc (Robin Hood) into Matroska and:
2) Remove unwanted tracks from the movie/featurettes. Audio/subtitles.
3) Get rid of the original files (to save space on my Hard Drive). I wasn't planning on using Total Media Theatre anymore, only MPC-HC/BSPlayer or any other player.

Which means I was only planning on having individual MKV files from each content, and that of course including the slideshows.
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Re: Problems with slideshows

Post by Sidrack »

A workaround has been suggested in those posts: ... tcount=490 ... tcount=505 ... tcount=508 ... tcount=509 ... tcount=523

(Please read all #5 posts above)

But unfortunatelly the first picture is quicky changing so there's no way to fix this as of today.

Another title with photo gallery is "The Truman Show" (1998) in Blu-ray.

Strange thing is that MakeMKV didn't recognized the 00016.m2ts file even when I allowed titles with less than 2 seconds. In this case, the content was ignored every time.

A copy of that file:
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Re: Problems with slideshows

Post by Sidrack »

Well, since no one came with that idea, I have been thinking today how we may let the original files still available from the BD authoring, minus all the others we are able to convert into Matroska without experiencing problems.

I mean, the whole idea is to use the software Total Media Theatre from Arcsoft to playback the disc/BDMV folder, displaying all menus and sorts of things, but only actually accessing the slideshows. All other contents removed, including the movie and extra features that I was capable of converting into MKV.

For example:

The Predator (1987) - Ultimate Hunter Edition

* In this case I had to left 0,97 GB. The largest files were 00111.m2ts and 00112.m2ts with 200 MB each. They are nothing but trailers from different movies distributed by Fox (and made in 2010).

I have also left the m2ts files corresponding to the main menu and piracy warnings. If I had left those trailers or other m2ts files out of this directory, TMT would send me a black screen and would never access the main menu where I can find the option to see the slideshows.

This is the list of files that should be kept from this title:

(Use a software like MD5Summer to check this file, or Notepad).

About the slideshow contents, they are two:

- Photo Gallery
- Predator Profile: A text-and-photo-only profile of the alien predator, detailing all of his weapons and armor. *

* You might think this "Predator profile" is similar to the contents from "The Sound of Music" (see this thread for more details):

But they are not hidden or unavailable for anyone that wants to convert them.

I am saying that because the "Many a thing to know" curiosity track from "The Sound of Music" (1965) changed the language for this featurette according to the language selected for the disc on the TMT settings.

Changing the language here will also change the "Predator profile", but each language corresponds to a different m2ts file, it's not being changed/inserted in a hidden way.

I will also check what files we should keep from those titles:

- The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
- The Truman Show (1998)

And in the future, edit this post with my findings.

Red Dragon (2002) - Blu-ray - Central Eastern Europe release (the others are similar)

Slideshow from this extra feature:
Lecter's FBI File and Life History, a text extra showing Lecter's "file"

Not a slideshow per se, but needs BD structure to browse between each page from this "file". When converted to MKV, all pages are displayed in 1 second.

The following files were left in the BDMV/STREAMS directory:
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RE: Problem with Slideshows/Still Galleries

Post by MZAdotcom »

Hello, Sidrack.

I see this is a several years old thread with no answers, which is surprising to me.

I've had the same question/problem, but searching the forum here, I don't see any answers. It seems that MakeMKV, as awesome as a program as it is, just can't deal with slideshows, still images, etc.

Have seen this situation in a bunch of my BRD [Blu-ray Disc] backups where everything, including the still galleries, are there when converted to BDMV format. But when you compare that output to the decrypted MKV files, items like still galleries/etc., are either unplayable or missing.

My conclusion is, after having tried multiple workarounds, is that for the sake of saving HDD space and my sanity, it's OK to lose some of the Bonus Features, i.e. slideshows/still galleries. In the end, MakeMKV will be able to save *MOST* of the good items, just not EVERYTHING, like you and I want.

I think that's a fair trade-off, since no other program can do what MakeMKV does @ the price range it's offered.

Honestly, while I don't understand the technical aspects of why this doesn't work, would still like to see it become a possibility down the road. I mean, it's been 5/6 years since this thread. No workarounds have been found or this "bug" fixed?
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