Does the iHOS104 support libredrive mode

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Does the iHOS104 support libredrive mode

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I'm just wondering if the iHOS104 blu ray drive works with uhd blu ray disks in libredrive mode.
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Re: Does the iHOS104 support libredrive mode

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The list of UHD BD compatible/recommended drives is listed here: ... 16&t=19634

That drive is not on the list. Read the stickies across the forum. They can provide quick answers to questions. To put it more bluntly, no, Lite-On drives are not UHD BD compatible for backup/ripping purposes and there is no word as to whether any ever will be.

LibreDrive is not some magic pill for universal AACS decryption. That's not how it works or what it's exclusively for. More discussed here: ... 925#p75925

You can also find some services here:

To purchase ready to go UHD compatible drives and other services.
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