Happy holidays!

Please post here for issues related to Blu-ray discs
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Happy holidays!

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Thanks in advance and happy holidays!
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Re: Smallfoot (2018) Redbox, correct playlist?

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Are you renting the movie? Are you buying the movie? I buy all my discs and then rip them and store the original in my garage. Just wondering. I will not rent a movie and then rip it. I spend the money to buy it so I can continue to buy movies in the future. Just saying.
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Re: Happy holidays!

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Oh is that what we do here now? look for reasons to judge people?
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Re: Happy holidays!

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Many forums will permanently ban users and delete all of their posts if they mention ripping non-owned stuff, to avoid the forum being shut down. And forums HAVE been shut down over it.

"Judging" someone's motives may play a part in it, but it's a defensive mechanism, too.
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Re: Happy holidays!

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Given that the ONLY way to watch a BluRay on Linux is to rip it in so many setups, there isn't much need for this to be defensive at all. :D
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