libmmbd - MakeMKV decryption API as LGPL library

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libmmbd - MakeMKV decryption API as LGPL library

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Starting with version 1.8.5, MakeMKV comes with libmmbd library. This library provides a simple API that any application can use to decrypt M2TS/SSIF files from a blu-ray disc. The library is licensed under open-source LGPL license. The way library works, it launches a MakeMKV instance in background and communicates with MakeMKV in order to get decryption keys - so working MakeMKV is required for the library to function. The libmmbd library is designed to be updated very infrequently - all the logic is inside MakeMKV, and libmmbd is just a proxy. The libmmbd source code is part of MakeMKV oss linux package.

Also, libmmbd emulates two popular open-source libraries, libaacs and libbdplus. What this means, that after a one-time setup, any application that uses libbluray/libaacs for decryption will be able to open a protected blu-ray disc, as long as MakeMKV is installed. Most notable application that uses libbluray is Videolan VLC player.

Starting from version 1.15.0 the library can be enabled on "Integration" tab of MakeMKV preferences, for Windows and Mac OS versions. There is no need to copy any files manually.

The Linux-specific instructions how to set up libmmbd are provided in linux subforum.