suggestion: show drive letters

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suggestion: show drive letters

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It might be nicer to show drive letters/volume labels in the disk selector dropdown instead of hardware specifics--would make selecting the right drive slightly more user friendly (we users don't care about hardware specifics as much as "does this have the DVD I want in it").

Also when it lists the various titles "to check them", could it please show which title number they are, instead of "Title 27 chapters, 3.9 GB" it would say "Title (1) 27 chapters, 3.9 GB..."

Or at least say the title number in the "title information" box.

Currently they can't tell which title number they'll be ripping easily. Though it might make things more confusing, it might make them nicer for people going after specific titles, I dunno. May not be necessary I dunno.

Also, while I'm at it, it names titles like title00 title01 however DVD titles start with 1, I think, so maybe it should name them that way--otherwise it's off by one from the titles on the DVD itself.

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