Ever tried 3D movies in VR?

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Ever tried 3D movies in VR?

Post by KushnomGhatak »

What are the steps involved in experiencing 3D movies through virtual reality (VR) technology for someone who has never attempted it?
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Re: Ever tried 3D movies in VR?

Post by jemima »

I'd also be interested in that (as well as for 3D projectors).

Especially the question, once I have the archived 3D BD - or perhaps already an MKV - can I play back in 3D on a VR-headset/projector with purely opensource (by that I don't mean, that the device firmware needs to be opensource - that anyway "dies" with the product ... but I'd like to be able to play the e.g. MKV on the device without needing any further non-open stuff, including any conversion steps (like to-SBS) in between.

Thanks :)
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