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Tried to rip Sound City for blu ray so I can have it on my NAS drive. It was copied to the hard disk on my pc. When I tried to run it through Handbrake to make in into MP4 it reported an error. The error was "titles too short" or "DRM". I have done other blu rays just wondering if there was something I missed. I had re-installed it so don't know if it was a setting. It may be a problem with Handbrake, but just checking. If it was DRM isn't this supposed to be disabled?
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If you did a "backup" of the BD using MakeMKV, you have to make sure you check the box for "Decrypt video files" to have the encryption removed. Handbrake cannot handle encrypted files.

If your goal is to have individual video files, you should use the "Open" button (looks like a disk), and select the titles you want. It will deal with other forms of DRM found on Bluray disks that handbrake does not understand.
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