DVD Failed to open disc

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DVD Failed to open disc

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I've been using MakeMKV (registered) for quite a long time without problems. I have a new DVD that I'm trying to backup without success. Disc plays fine on computer and Bluray/DVD player. My computer's working directory has almost 4TB available and system has ample power and RAM. Any and all help is appreciated.

Drive Information
OS device name: J:
Current profile: DVD-ROM
Manufacturer: ASUS
Product: BW-16D1HT
Revision: 3.10
Serial number: KLVK59A1143
Firmware date: 2119-01-04 10:14
Bus encryption flags: 1F
Highest AACS version: 76

Opening files on harddrive at J:/VIDEO_TS
Calculated BUP offset for VTS #0 does not match one in IFO header.
DEBUG: Code 0 at |~lmrZ7iFF,!'|:29400071
IFO file for VTS #0 is corrupt, VOB file must be scanned. This may take very long time, please be patient.
DEBUG: Code 0 at |~lmrZ7iFF,!'|:29400071
DEBUG: Code 0 at JFb;k~y+dYyttjTs\:121262808
Failed to open disc
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Re: DVD Failed to open disc

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are you able to make an ISO backup (possible with newest version) with the disc or would that fail as well?

In the newest version you can select between different methods to open the DVD. does changing the option help anything? See viewtopic.php?f=7&t=28541
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