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Re: BatchMKV - batch GUI for MakeMKV

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I know that Kenneth hasn't been online since 2018 (Almost 2.5 years) so I'm reaching at straws.

Jumping ship from Windows Media Center to Plex.

My movies are in VIDEO_TS folders. I can use Filebot to rename them from the DISC_ID name the are right now to a more plex compatible format.

I want to use BatchMKV to change them to MKV. And this is working..

What I can not figure out is HOW to get the filename to work right. Right now they are all coming out title_t00.mkv. (e.g. D:\Movies\Foldername\title_t00.mkv)

While this will work (Since the directory will take of the ID part), but I'd REALLY like for the final format to be:

I know that I can "manually" type the file name I want into the file name field, but I was hoping to avoid that extra step.

Anyone know what I'm missing?
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Re: BatchMKV - batch GUI for MakeMKV

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kenneth wrote:
Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:47 am
I discovered a few edge cases where the MakeMKV track selection logic does not work as expected.

Temporarily resetting the default selection rule (as set under MakemKV preferences / Advanced) when conversion starts appears to fix this issue. So BatchMKV will now backup your current default selection rule before converting, then reset it to one matching the selected tracks, and when conversion has finished, your default selection rule will be restored. I would still recommend that you make a copy of your selection rule (unless it's just the default of course).

I've also changed the behavior so that after conversion, if the tracks in the output file do not match the tracks expected (based on track selection in BatchMKV), it will register as an error ("Tracks in output file not as expected"). Please let me know if you experience such an error.


I am experiencing this exact error with all of my remuxes labeled "conversion failed" with error message "Tracks in output file not as expected". I have to manually do every remux at this point as batchMKV is no longer able to do the work for me. What should I do to repair this ? I even tried to do it on another computer with fresh install but it is the same.

Thank you!
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Re: BatchMKV - batch GUI for MakeMKV

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Just chiming in I'm having the same problem as listed above. Is there an archive of older versions?

Edit: I know that on some Blurays it will have a track listing mostly like subtitles, but it's empty and MakeMKV excludes it from the output file. I think that checking that they match is causing the problem instead of just trusting that the output is correct.

I looked at the output file before it failed the batch process and it's a correct mkv. It just didn't move on to the next file from the disc because of a missing dummy subtitle track. Maybe you can add an option to disable that check and just continue on for those having the problem or if you can pick up on those empty tracks and ignore them?
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Re: BatchMKV - batch GUI for MakeMKV

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Hi, just found that on the Wayback Machine: ... pplication

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