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PC Blu-Ray drive can't read otherwise working new disc

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2022 8:22 pm
by guysome11
Recently I got a new Blu-Ray that I'm looking to rip. This disc is very new and in fact they mailed it to me a little bit before the official street date. However, whenever I insert this disc into my drive, it just can't seem to read the disc at all. I can hear it spin up, and occasionally hear the laser assembly move, but after a couple minutes it eventually gives up and says there is no disc in the drive. This happens both in MakeMKV and in Windows Explorer, no matter what I just can't get the disc recognized at all.

I have ripped multiple other discs before using MakeMKV and this drive with no issues, and I can still get it to recognize my other discs. And I can assert that this disc works perfectly fine as well, I have tested it in two separate blu-ray players and it works perfectly fine in both. It's only when I attempt to read this specific disc with my computer specifically that it ends up failing.

With this being a disc I have before the official street date, I wondered if it had to do with the Streetlock thing I saw stickied. However, I doubt this due to 1. the authoring company of this disc (to my knowledge) never using BD+ at all, and 2. that the issue does not seem to be related to decryption, rather it's just getting the drive to recognize the disc at all. Not that I'm sure it would even help, but I can't get it to create a SVQ file either, the disc is simply unrecognized.

I would appreciate any help in troubleshooting. Attached is the console log, it was generated from me simply placing the disc in the drive and waiting for it to give up and say there was no disc inserted. Thanks.

Re: PC Blu-Ray drive can't read otherwise working new disc

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2022 2:03 am
by guysome11
...ok, so now an update. Somehow I got it to work. It still took a while to recognize the disc in the first place, but it eventually was able to detect it somehow. The only thing I did differently was have file explorer and makemkv open at once, put the disc in the drive, and then double clicked on the disc in file explorer. After waiting a few minutes it eventually detected the disc and then opened it.

Very strange considering that, as a test right before, I was able to detect and rip another disc just fine without doing anything with file explorer. It's just this disc had issues getting detected in the first place by MakeMKV, but now it's ripping fine. Very strange.

If I can duplicate my results I'll post a log.

Re: PC Blu-Ray drive can't read otherwise working new disc

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2022 9:44 pm
by simonpeterjames
did you check the reverse of the disk to see if is clean?. no finger prints, nothing. :roll: