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Re: BD or UHD no longer work

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:05 am
by Billycar11
mldardy wrote:
Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:08 am
I know it's the drive because I've tried to burn about 20 UHD's and almost all of them have failed at some point

If you want to continue to tell me that you test all of your drives fine but please don't tell they work perfectly because they obviously don't.
20 is definitely enough to call it defective if they are in new and cleaned condition email your seller for a return or refund with proof of the errors. im sure they will help you out.

how would you know you didn't buy one of mine

all the drives i send out get no read errors on known good test disks of each UHD type BD-66 and BD-100.

i get lots of bad drives but they are not sold im probably around 50+ defective i stopped counting a few months ago and that's out of about 300 sold so a 20-25% failure rate overall but again i dont sell those they get exchanged.