The Magic Flute (Bergman) fake playlist

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The Magic Flute (Bergman) fake playlist

Post by west67 »

The blu-ray of Bergman's film of The Magic Flute ( has 411 titles in the playlist. I have sent a copy of the backup (with the STREAM folder deleted) to

I'd be grateful for help in making an MKV backup of this disk.

I attach a copy of the MakeMKV log.
Tha Magic Flute log file.txt
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Re: The Magic Flute (Bergman) fake playlist

Post by wuffo »

I too am trying to make a backup of this disc. I'm a MakeMKV newbie and I don't know how to tell about the playlist, but I do know that 5 minutes in, I see a screen that says essentially "this disc is copy protected and you appear to be watching a copy".

Any update? Did the OP manage to get a successful copy?
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Re: The Magic Flute (Bergman) fake playlist

Post by dcoke22 »

I don't have that particular movie, so I can't help you find the right answer.

It sounds like this title has playlist obfuscation or fake playlists. The MakeMKV FAQ has an entry about this. There are also various threads around the forum where people discuss methods one can use for finding the right playlist amongst the many. Here's one such thread: A Better Way To Find The Correct Playlist/Segment Map Here's another: Determining correct title on BD with MULTIPLE titles
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