DVD backup failed

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DVD backup failed

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When trying to backup some DVDs, this specific one always fails.

Here is the drive and disc information:

Code: Select all

Drive Information
OS device name: \Device\CdRom0
Current profile: DVD-ROM
Manufacturer: ASUS
Product: BW-16D1HT
Revision: 3.10
Serial number: KL1NAH82833
Firmware date: 2119-01-04 10:14
Bus encryption flags: 1F
Highest AACS version: 76

LibreDrive Information
Status: Enabled
Drive platform: MT1959
Firmware type: Patched (microcode access re-enabled)
Firmware version: 3.10
DVD all regions: Yes
BD raw data read: Yes
BD raw metadata read: Yes
Unrestricted read speed: Yes

Disc Information
Timestamp: 2003-09-19 18:08:05
Protection: CSS/CPPM
Data capacity: 7.72 Gb
Disc type: DVD-ROM
Disc size: 120mm
Maximum read rate: 10.08 Mbps [1x]
Number of layers: 2 (OTP)
I already tried cleaning it.
I googled the debug codes and found a few posts with somewhat similar errors, but the solutions from these did not work for me f.e. changing DVD opening mode.

Here is the log:

Code: Select all

MakeMKV v1.17.6 win(x64-release) started
Debug logging enabled, log will be saved as C:\Users\Name/MakeMKV_log.txt
Using LibreDrive mode (v06.3 id=0FA242DD4D0B)
Backing up disc into folder "D:/Movies/backup/LOTR_TWO_TOWERS_SEE_D4.iso"
DEBUG: Code 118095996 at 0`Ya?1$!|%$JJIlO4"I>U-z:29394183
DEBUG: Code 0 at 0`Ya?1$!|%$JJIlO4"I>U-z:121263590
DEBUG: Code 1790 at _y<{y.H`KydrY`/TJ{+d:213133250
DEBUG: Code 67174400 at _y<{y.H`KydrY`/TJ{+d:121265062
DEBUG: Code 1 at _y<{y.H`KydrY`/TJ{+d:29394689
DEBUG: Code 3221225649 at LKu,[_<phG675tlGM#:cb<I:29394919
DEBUG: Code 3221225649 at 0`Ya?1$!|%$JJIlO4"I>U-z:213130145
DEBUG: Code 3221225480 at LKu,[_<phG675tlGM#:cb<I:121262509
DEBUG: Code 3221225480 at 0`Ya?1$!|%$JJIlO4"I>U-z:29394183
DEBUG: Code 0 at 0`Ya?1$!|%$JJIlO4"I>U-z:121263590
DEBUG: Code 0 at /u`0WKB|YXK!?|:29397104
DEBUG: Code 0 at ps]e,OePl_hCE6(^~9XG:121266097
Backup failed
All other LotR appendices DVDs do not have this problem.
VLC can play the DVD from the drive.
Ripping the videos from the DVD works.

Can someone help me here?
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