Issues with my external DVD Drive

Please post here for issues related to DVD discs
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Issues with my external DVD Drive

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I am having issues with my external DVD drive on my MacBook Pro. According to makemkv, the drive is:

DVD+R-DL TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633M 0200 TS-L633MFirmwared

When I put the DVD in, there is activity on the drive. Sounds like it spins up and then stops, over and over again. But makemkv says there is no disc.

I am totally new to this and could use some help.

Thank you
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Re: Issues with my external DVD Drive

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Try cleaning the laser lens. Very easy if it is a slim drive. If it is a full size drive buy a cleaning CD (not DVD!). Cleaning CDs have small bruhes that wipe dust off the laser lens. If that fails then most likely the laser of your drive is dead and you have a new door stop.
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