Issues with Multiple DVDs

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Issues with Multiple DVDs

Post by ragnar21 »

I'm currently ripping a load of my DVDs to put on a Plex server so i can watch them anywhere, mostly just titles that aren't on streaming services.

Currently i'm ripping the Home Improvement box set. But seemingly every DVD seems to be throwing errors up. The current one i'm getting is "Assuming Fake Title".

I've managed to rip 3 full seasons so far (About 6 Discs), however some of the discs have taken 30+ attempts to rip.

The DVDs are brand new, so no scratches or anything.

Anyone have a clue?
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Re: Issues with Multiple DVDs

Post by Ezatoka »

ragnar21 wrote:
Wed Aug 03, 2022 12:40 pm
I've managed to rip 3 full seasons so far (About 6 Discs)
Doesn't sound much somehow. My collection (German one) has 12 DVDs for the first three seasons (and 44 in total).

Starting with Season 6 the discs I had all had RipGuard as copy protection. I dunno about your version, but maybe it's a kind of copy protection as well.

Have you tried playing with the "DVD structure protection removal method" in the newest version? You can select three different ways. (Preferences -> Protection tab)
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