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Best Playback Picture Quality

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:27 am
by HeresJohnny

Assuming it is a 1:1 rip from the blu-ray disc, what is the best playback option for highest quality? I currently own an LG B7 and a high-end PC so my options are:

- USB straight into the LG
- Playback from PC via HDMI

Will playback from either of these be identical to playback from a blu-ray disc running off an Oppo-203 blu-ray player? If not, do you have a suggestion that has me playing a 1:1 mkv file with the exact picture quality of the blu-ray player?

This includes HDR/HDR10 enabled movies. I'm also aware that for now, Dolby Vision is only obtainable by playing the dics, as nobody has managed to rip Dolby Vision yet, so for Dolby Vision titles, I'll have no choice but to playback on the Oppo player.