Playing Disk Images

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Playing Disk Images

Post by PhantomIceman »

Hi im in the process of building out a NAS for my media library. I currently use plex for my media consumption needs however with the extra storage im thinking of creating a backup of the entire disk not just the movie that way i am able to watch the extras and get the menus without having to put the disc into the player. My question is does anyone know of any software or platform you can use that would read the disk files or images the same way a player would.I know plex can only read a video file only and wont read entire disks. Has anyone done anything similar.
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Re: Playing Disk Images

Post by Radiocomms237 »

I know VLC Media Player will do what you want on a PC, so I assume the Android version will do the same?

I'm just not sure if you can load the Android version of VLC MP onto a smart TV (I've never tried)? I've used VLC on a smartphone but again, I've never tried to open an entire disc image.

P.S. I hope your NAS has provision for a LOT of HDDs! Saving backups certainly taxes your storage space, I've almost reached 240TB so far!
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Re: Playing Disk Images

Post by dcoke22 »

Plex has a way to have the disc 'extras' with your movie and available in the interface. ... nd-extras/

I capture the extras from my discs and use this feature in Plex to watch them from my couch.
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