Dolby Vision Hybrids

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Dolby Vision Hybrids

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Hello everybody,

I recently discovered the possibility to create 4K UHD Dolby Vision Hybrids using a 4K Remux and a WEB-DL with Dolby Vision. Now I wanted to create my first Hybrid with the movie "Soul" but I ran into some problems.

First of all, I know there is a lot of info in the "Dolby Vision now possible through MP4 Mux" thread but it's a lot to read.
So far I have downloaded the tool "dovi_tool" from GitHub and I have extracted the RPU and converted it to Proifle 8 (with the command "

Code: Select all

-m 3 extract-rpu
"). The extracted RPU.bin had a different amount of frames so I wanted to create a json-file and this is where I ran into some problems. I'm not sure how to set up the json-file.

These are all the Frame-Information I have, maybe someone can help me (To clarify, I compared both files and noted the time the protagonist is first seen to calculate the frame-difference at the beginning) :

4K Remux:
Total Amount of Frames: 144.644
First Frame of protagonist: 1095

Total Amount of Frames: 144.684
First Frame of protagonist: 1151

Also, while injecting the RPU into the Video, is there any quality-loss or Re-encoding of the inital Remux?
If not, would it be possible to remove the injected RPU in the future IF you would like to get rid of it?

To conclude, are these all the steps one would have to take to create a Hybrid or are there different steps/tools I should know about? I just skimmed the thread and did not read all pages.

Last question (if this is not allowed, let me know and I'll take it down) will this process also be possible (and also reasonable) to create Hybrids consisting of different WEB-DLs? (Meaning to inject RPU-Information into an HDR-WEB-DL)
And if yes, will the pure DV-WEB-DL look better than the created Hybrid (maybe due to different encoding or something else) or will this create the superior video-file?
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Post by Desmondfem »


does Egreat have any plans for a 4k UHD HDR Media Player w/ Dolby Vision ? similar to the capabilities of the M970x and M920x Oppo clones

if so, what is the timeline ?

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