Dolby Vision Encode Help

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Dolby Vision Encode Help

Post by SlushPuppy »

Hello first time post here but been lurking for a while.

I am looking to encode my DV 4K blurays to stream them on PLEX. Since streaming REMUX Blurays takes to much bandwidth!

I read on the website that MakeMKV can create a Profile 7 mkv file from the dual stream mkv file created with MKVToolNix.

Is the below workflow to Rip my 4K Dolby Vision Disc correct?

1) Use MakeMKV to decrypt UHD Bluray to BDMV format

2) Create a mkv file using MKVToolNix. (This will allow me to have separate 4K HDR Stream and 1080p DV stream). The reason I do this because MakeMKV combines the streams.

3) Use FFMPEG to encode the 4K HDR stream only to CRF16 (No Cropping of Black Bars)

4) Use MKVToolNix to create another new mkv with the Encoded 4K HDR stream, 1080p DV stream, lossless audio, Subtitles and Chapters.

5) Use MakeMKV to create Profile 7 DV encoded mkv.

What additional steps are required if we crop the black bars for the 4K Encode?
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Re: Dolby Vision Encode Help

Post by Billycar11 »

you cant encode and keep dv

use a wire and your bandwidth problems are solved
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