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BD+ support

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Starting with version 1.4.8 MakeMKV supports BD+ protected discs, as long as either disc-specific or generic BD+ key is known in form of SVQ file. You may read more about SVQ files at .

MakeMKV should process any BD+ disc released to date.

As of version 1.9.0 MakeMKV built-in generic SVQ allows processing of all BD+ discs released before October 2014. Discs released after that date are supported via disc-specific SVQs.

Current list of titles supported by disc-specific SVQ: MakeMKV should always download all necessary SVQ files automatically. If you choose to download the latest combined disc-specific SVQ manually, you can always do so from . The SVQ file has to be placed into "MakeMKV data directory", may be viewed or changed in MakeMKV preferences.

If any BD+ disc fails to open with latest version, please be sure to send us a dump file per instructions at .

Thank you for beta-testing MakeMKV.