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Direct Blu-ray playback with VLC player

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 5:32 am
by mike admin
UPDATE: Starting from version 1.15.0, integration settings can be managed directly in MakeMKV preferences - there is no need to create directories and symlinks manually. Also please note that applications that use hardened runtime (also known as notarized, most apps on Catalina) ignore the global "~/lib" setting and require an individual symlink per application. MakeMKV should handle this automatically.

Starting with version 1.8.5, MakeMKV comes with libmmbd library as described at . This library also emulates libaacs/libbdplus libraries - below are instructions how to setup libmmbd for libaacs/libbdplus emulation. Once done, any libbluray-based application, including VLC player, will be able to open protected blu-ray discs. This is one-time setup per user, you will only have to do it once per user account.

Open terminal, end execute following commands. Note: These instructions are for MakeMKV 1.14.7 and below, later versions of MakeMKV have different libmmbd names.

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cd ~
mkdir -p ~/lib
ln -s /Applications/ ~/lib/libmmbd.dylib
You're done. From now on VLC will automatically use MakeMKV for blu-ray decryption.