Ability to rip by chapter.

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Ability to rip by chapter.

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Is there any way we could get the ability to rip a video title by chapter so that each chapter would be its own mkv file? Maybe have it output as "title_t00_Chap_01" etc. This would be great for Music BluRays and hopefully UHDs that generally replicate the CD/Album experience. This way I wouldn't have to manually break up the single mkv by timecode etc. Not the end of the world but would be great if it could be done. If there is already a way to do this with command line can anybody point me to an example?

Thanks for the great work on this app.

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Re: Ability to rip by chapter.

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While you could probably create a "manual open" string to do this, it is simpler to rip the whole thing and break the chapters out using either mkvtoolnix or handbrake.
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