libmmdb sources, and building them

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libmmdb sources, and building them

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New user, registering here because of my tinkering with the MacPorts VLC port (I'm the maintainer) and its runtime dependencies for BD playback.

I've run into the direct access limitations in libaacs as outlined on this site, and discovered MakeMKV while searching for workarounds.

From what I understand, libmmbd is little more than a wrapper for the MakeMKV application, providing an alternative to libaacs and libbdplus for 3rd party applications (like VLC).

I'd follow that libmmbd itself contains little if any "secret" code, and indeed its sources are available as part of MakeMKV for Linux. Would it be possible to make them available separately, or at least modify the configure script so that libmmbd can be built exclusively?

What I'd like is to be able to build it with all required dependencies other than MakeMKV taken from MacPorts, for installation into $prefix/lib (/opt/local/lib) and with whatever patches to the code that might be appropriate. Ideally I'd package this as a port if allowable, but that's the icing on the cake.

PS: re: the DASPI kext: is MakeMKV the only application to make use of it?
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