Not Compatable with Mac BIG SUR

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Re: Not Compatable with Mac BIG SUR

Post by cappy2112 »

I"m running MakeMKV on an M1 Macmini with Big Sur 11.2. I've ripped about 15 DVDs (4GB and less), I haven't tried BR yet.
I don't have any UHD nor 4K discs.

For the most part, MakeMKV seems to be working, I've been able to serve up everything I've ripped so far with Plex.
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Re: Not Compatable with Mac BIG SUR

Post by Jman5150 »

i was on cataline and everything worked fine for months till today..for some reason it wouldnt see any of my burners anymore. updated to Big Sur and after some tinkering it is seeing them again and now im burning a bluray...we will see.

my question is my 4k disks keep ejecting...anyne have this...could the firmware or drivers reset somehow?

the only other issue is the disk started burning on the disks name even though I modified it...however its the first time...ill tinker and see if it repeats. more concerned about the 4k rejection.
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