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Blu-Ray + jre in Mint20

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 6:04 pm
by strangeintp
I'm trying to rip my library of Blu-Rays for a PLEX server, starting with Toy Story (1-3). There is obviously playlist obfuscation happening as multiple 20+ GB files are being created.
No matter what I do, MakeMKV doesn't indicate that it's using java.

What I've done:
- installed JRE 8 per Oracle's instructions. (They seem incomplete - just a tar extraction?). I installed in both /usr/lib/jvm (alongside openjdk11), as well as my user home directory. I tried targeting both installations in MakeMKV preferences - browsed to the directory and selected the java file.
- installed Oracle jdk15... at least I think I did. When it got to the "oracle-jdk15-installer-local-set-default" it wanted me to download and place the jdk11 in /var/cache; but I was not able to download it because Oracle downloads is down. Anyways, not sure it's needed.

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java --version
IDs "Java 15 SE" as the Java version.

help? I've got my NAS all set up (though not Plex) and this playlist obfuscation is an onforeseen hiccup - did not even know about it until I started puzzling why my Toy Story rip was taking up 100+ GB of space and started looking around this forum.

Re: Blu-Ray + jre in Mint20

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 7:37 pm
by dcoke22
I don't recall my Toy Story discs having playlist obfuscation. I do seem to recall there were three versions; one with English titles, one with French (I think) and one with Spanish. That arrangement is common on Disney titles.

When you get a title with playlist obfuscation (often Lionsgate discs), it'll probably have 100 titles or more and will crush your storage if blindly ripped. It is also the case that MakeMKV's choosing of the main title in such cases is not always accurate.

Making a decrypted backup of a blu-ray is a way to get the bits of the disc, which is sorta slow, and worry about making the 'right' .mkv file later. Making .mkv files from a backup goes about as fast as your storage can go and is almost certainly faster than doing it from an optical disc.

Re: Blu-Ray + jre in Mint20

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:51 pm
by Ezatoka
Mustn't be an obfuscation. If I remember right, lots of Pixar movies have many playlists for the main movie because they just render signs, displays and such in different languages, so e.g. even when you listen to audio in German you see text in German as well in the movie.

So basically the playlists are like X, L, X, X, X, L, X, X, ... where X is a m2ts file used in all playlists and L is a language dependend m2ts file.