bluray playback with VLC

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bluray playback with VLC

Post by xigane »

Hello, I used MakeMKV for quite some time to get an mkv file from a bluray disc and then be able to read it (formerly on windows, now I only have Linux).
I discovered there is a possibility to make VLC read Bluray directly thanks to makeMKV without spending 50min to create this intermediate >30Go mkv file. But since I am a perfect noob with linux I am not sure to do the things correctly.

First I installed makeMKV last version today by following this message (not the optional part), program works fine with beta key. (previously I used version found in ubuntu software list but that was apparently a "snap" thing not ok for this VLC link, I removed it before):

Then I follow this message about libmmbd for direct use with VLC :

There problems happen :
direct VLC playback can be enabled on "Integration" tab of MakeMKV preferences
This tab basically contains nothing but the link to previous message. Am I supposed to do something in this tab ?
Open terminal, navigate to directory where libmmbd is installed, and make a symlink to a location in library path. The following commands are for default installation

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sudo ln -s /usr/lib/
I don't know where "libmmbd is installed". And If I look into /usr/lib/ I already see an existing file with date corresponding to when I installed MakeMKV (today). So I changed nothing.

Of course, the VLC -> click Media -> Open disc -> Bluray does not work with still same error as initially (missing AACS configuration...)

What is missing ?
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Re: bluray playback with VLC

Post by georgesgiralt »

I hope you know some basics :
1) how to open a terminal
2) how to run a command as "The super User" or "root" account for your flavor of Linux.
If yes to the above questions, then :*Open a terminal, become root, then issue this command :
find / -name "libmmbd*" -print 2>/dev/null
This will find the actual library libmmbd provided by MakeMKV which can open and decipher Blu-Ray discs.
Get the path returned by the above command and cd into it
Then issue the command to link the library on the right place as specified in the installation instruction.
P.S. : you may have to restart your computer for the above manipulation to be effective.
Hope this helps.
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Re: bluray playback with VLC

Post by blutuna »

I'm also trying to play blurays with VLC but I'm not quite sure on how to do the symlink. is located here on my machine... /home/zyoc/Downloads/makemkv-oss-1.17.2/out/

I get ... failed to create symbolic link './': File exists I'm obviously not doing something correctly but don't know what it is. I'm familiar with some basic cmds in Linux but still pretty new at it.
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Re: bluray playback with VLC

Post by Fredlee »

I have successfully installed VLC and Makemkv. Makemkv reads and rips videos without any problems.
My problem is with the symlink. I followed the procedure to link the Libmmbd to /use/lib but I still do not see in the integration tab any listing of VLC to select. I also get the error "VLC is unable to open MRL bluray"

After preforming the link and running

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$ sudo find / -name "libmmdb*" -print 2>/dev/null
I getthe following results:

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What have i done wrong? can anyone offer assistance? For the member who questioned me I am using makemkv with valid key.

I have resolved this issue, changed a few different things so not sure what actually solved the problem but it works without the requirement to check a box in the integrations tab for VLC.

Thanks to all who offered help.
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Re: bluray playback with VLC

Post by dcoke22 »

I don't have much experience with MakeMKV or VLC on Linux, but I'm pretty sure on the other platforms one needs the paid-for version of MakeMKV to get the integration tab in MakeMKV preferences to enable VLC to play encrypted blu-rays.
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Re: bluray playback with VLC

Post by pipo233 »

Search this forum..

All you need to do is install Aribb24
After that vlc should play the disc, through file/open disc
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