Jaws 3 - 3D and 2D?

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Jaws 3 - 3D and 2D?

Post by VarHD »

I bought the Jaws 3 steelbook from Zavvi. It comes with one standard Blu-ray disc and on their page it says "Also includes Jaws 3 in 3D!"

When I try to rip it, I see two titles that are large enough to be the movie:

1. 00300.mpls - 39.9 GB, Segment map 400/20400 - this one has a separate video track, as described in the FAQ.
2. 00800.mpls - 26.2 GB, Segment map 400 - this one doesn't have a separate selectable video track.

The problem is that I tried to rip it in any possible way, that is - first title with selected secondary video track, first title without the secondary track and second title and in all 3 cases, when I play the video, I can clearly see that this is only the left eye track because it starts with the Universal logo being off-center.

Does this mean that this movie simply doesn't have a dedicated 2D version so I can only get the left-eye image if I want to watch it in 2D or am I missing something? When I made a backup of this disc, I see the two 00400 and 20400 files. When I play the first bigger one, it doesn't have a selectable separate video track and the second one can't be played at all (in VLC), but as mentioned above, producing an MKV from either results in the same left eye image.
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Re: Jaws 3 - 3D and 2D?

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The disc has left and right eye, and then for the 2D version, it just plays the left eye from the 3D version. You can see this according to the segment numbers you gave in your post.

If there were to be a different 2D version on the same disc, it would be a different segment number. Plus, now instead of a 2 hour movie (or whatever), you now have to fit 4 hours on the disc. So this is not a good idea because all of the video is going to be more compressed with 2 copies of the movie on one disc. I have seen this done, but it’s more common to see a 2D version being just one eye... or even better, to have the original separate 2D version on its own disc.

With this older movie though, I imagine it was filmed native 3D, so I don’t think there is a separate 2D version of it originally? A 2D home video release could have centered the logo etc, but for the film itself, a 2D version would have had to be one eye (compared to conversions, where the 3D eye can be very different from the original film, as pointed out in the FAQ).
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