No Disk Error

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No Disk Error

Post by Stubborn5228 »

Struggling with a new to me WH16NS60, thought I had reached a good place, and turns out I'm fully stalled.

Seemingly any Blu-ray I insert results in my drive reporting "no disc inserted". I've tested a single CD, the Cyberpower one that came with the drive, and DVD (Tron Legacy) and they both read fine.

MakeMKV reports the following:

Product: BD-RE WH16NS60
Revision: 1.01
Serial number: xxxxxxxxxx
Firmware date: 2117-11-20 20:00
Bus encryption flags: 17
LibreDrive Information
Status: Enabled
Drive platform: MT1959
Firmware type: Patched (microcode access re-enabled)
Firmware version: 1.01
DVD all regions: Yes
BD raw data read: Yes
BD raw metadata read: Yes
Unrestricted read speed: Yes

I appreciate any help, I've gone through a few of the forum threads, including the fantastic guidance from Billy, and the thread with seeming the same issue from a few days ago, but despite that I've been left a bit confused.
Am I right in thinking this is a case to just return the drive based on an issue with the laser? Is there a different firmware I should try first? This drive came patched, so I can't attest to issues in that process.
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Re: No Disk Error

Post by dcoke22 »

Firmware most likely won't solve your problem.

Blu-rays use a different laser than CDs and DVDs. If CDs and DVDs work but blu-rays don't, that's a classic sign that the laser for blu-rays is bad.

If your drive is still in its return window or under warranty, I'd return it.
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