WH16NS40 Flasher

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Re: WH16NS40 Flasher

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rblood01 wrote:
Wed Jul 21, 2021 11:21 pm

I've tried multiple guides on this site. I have even tried other sources. I can flash all the drives I want of the Asus that I have. I have used the Asus tool successfully for those. I can't do the same for the LG. If there was a current guide that you suggested then please post it. I have been going around circles on this site and when I finally get to some place where I believe it has the answer, no link. however no problem plugging the info automatic flashers. I am fairly inexperienced in flashing rom firmware but I am pretty tech savvy if I can only get the proper info and tools.

I found the tools and firmware I believe is what is needed and was able to flash my drive successfully. Thank to those that helped.
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Re: WH16NS40 Flasher

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Thank You for the advice.
He stated "below" Not below signature. I don't make it a habit of reading everyone's signature. As far as I can tell I figured out how to flash the drive. I am running a MK version from the most recently released pack. I still have a lot to catch up on and learn to fully optimize my use of MakeMKV etc. but, at least I am now working with drives that has all the features turned on.
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