Best firmware for LG type 5,25" drives

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Best firmware for LG type 5,25" drives

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In the past I always recommended ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.10 MK firmware which really works good for 2-layer discs. But it is really not working good for 3-layer discs. Then I tried BH16NS60 1.02 MK which is recommended by Billycar and Marty in this forum. Some guy still reported problems and said he could only rip his 3-layer disc with WH16NS60 1.03 MK. I flashed it and have to say that at least with my critical 3-layer discs this firmware performed best. Now - I pretty much want you to join a contest with your "hard to rip discs" and compare which firmware performs best. Only if you are willing to do so and if you are familiar with flashing firmware. The best candidates are most likely:

BH16NS60 1.02


WH16NS60 1.03

I don't consider any "friendly firmware" in this contest. These firmwares were never meant to read UHDs and even less to read 3-layer UHDs. Maybe the newer firmwares were even intentionally crippled. So everybody should consider to flash their friendly firmwares to an official firmware (if you don't need compatibility for DVDFab!!).

So get your most problematic UHDs out and try to rip it with both the 2 firmwares flashed as listed above and then post your results.

Thanks! It will help the whole community!
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