What firmware for Logitech LBD-PVA6U3VBK?

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What firmware for Logitech LBD-PVA6U3VBK?

Post by crazyaoshi »

Got a new Dell XPS13 9310 running Windows 11 and external drive ‎LBD-PVA6U3VBK. The brand is Logitech, which is a Japanese rebrander. It says it is UHD blu ray capable.

Makemkv says: LibreDrive Information Status: Possible, not yet enabled Drive platform: MT1959

Do you know which libredrive firmware this needs?
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Re: What firmware for Logitech LBD-PVA6U3VBK?

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Your drive isn't on the list in the Ultimate UHD Drives Flashing Guide Updated 2022

In order to know what firmware it might need, you'll probably have to figure out what the actual hardware is.

A final note, I assume we're talking about Logitec, the subsidiary of the Japanese company Elecom, not Logitech, the well know American-Swiss company and apparently known as Logicool in Japan.
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