Nez Ha 2019?

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Nez Ha 2019?

Post by jwk94 »

Has anyone successfully ripped Nez Ha's 4K disc? For some reason, I get the following error when trying:

"The volume key is unknown for this disc - video can't be decrypted
Failed to open disc"

I tried ripping the regular blu-ray and that worked without a hitch. Any solutions?
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Re: Nez Ha 2019?

Post by Woodstock »

MakeMKV created an MKB2 file in your MakeMKV data directory. You need to send that to so that it can be analyzed and the key added to the known key list.

After you've sent it in, try the rip again in a couple of days. Probably will work then, but it might take longer.
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Re: Nez Ha 2019?

Post by apophis906 »

I sent my dump file on Thursday afternoon. So hopefully it should be supported soon.
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