Atomic blonde 4k version

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Atomic blonde 4k version

Post by Negatron »

When I go to rip it...there are 2 versions that look identical. Does anyone know which one is the correct one to rip? I am assuming that this is one of those where theyflip scenes on you. The first one says 20 chapters, and the 2nd one doesnt, but they are identical in size.
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Re: Atomic blonde 4k version

Post by melvinhpurvis »

In my limited experience and since I like the idea of having chapters in the result, I always select the one with chapters. I did so with this disc.

There are similar cases where there appear to be two nearly identical versions, but one has Japanese tracks. These are often the same video but with Japanese opening and closing titles substituted.

Being a speaker of English and not Japanese, I choose the non-Japanese version.

When it is not obvious, I rip both tracks and inspect them in VLC to determine which I prefer.
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