UHD - The Matrix

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UHD - The Matrix

Post by sharpie00 »

I was wondering if anyone had any trouble with the UHD version of The Matrix. I’m getting the decryption key not available error. I’ve downloaded the most current version of the keys_hashed file dated 5.22.18. I also have the most current version of MakeMKV installed.

I noticed there was an entry in the keys_hashed file for The Matrix but I’m assuming it’s a different version. The one I have is purchased from Best Buy. I sent the dump file per instructions.

Just curious if anyone else had the same issue.

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Re: UHD - The Matrix

Post by madfloyd »

Yup, same here and same with Jurassic Park - it's a different version. Give it a few days.
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Re: UHD - The Matrix

Post by Trasper »

Same here.

Sent a dump file today, so it will probably be fixed in a few days.
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