BvS DoJ UE/ Rip

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BvS DoJ UE/ Rip

Post by Pezzy »

Hi all.

I'm new to MakeMKV. This software and forum was recommended to me from someone on another forum you may have heard of:

I downloaded and installed the latest version of the MakeMKV software program. Within this particular sub-forum of UHD Discs, I see there is also a thread of Hashed Keys; I downloaded the most recent.

With that Hashed Keys, let me make sure I have the placement of it correct: You put this file in: C:\Users\[username]\.MakeMKV, correct? You just place a copy of this text file right in this directory? I noticed there is a .tar file in here of _private_data; I don't open this up/ unzip it (like with Winrar) and place the Hash Key text file in here, do I?

With the issue that I'm having, I noticed there is another thread on the forum with the same issue: ... 12&t=17060

When I attempt to rip Batman v Superman DoJ UE, I am getting errors. Evidently, from some messages I've seen on the board, you can either e-mail or post dump files.

Since the issue seems to have been resolved for that user in that thread/ link I posted (username: dmillionz), I was wondering if anyone knew the solution.

My 4K UHD drive is a Pioneer BDR-211UBK.

Thanks for any info,
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Re: BvS DoJ UE/ Rip

Post by GoofeyGuy »

The solution for you is to get a friendly UHD drive, yours is a official drive and can not be used for ripping
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Re: BvS DoJ UE/ Rip

Post by Pezzy »

Hi GoofeyGuy; thanks for your reply.

You probably noticed in my original post that I mentioned Well, besides there, I've also been around to & perusing lots of other tech-type forums, all regarding this issue of either playing or ripping a 4K UHD disc.

You've already seen that I listed my drive as a Pioneer BDR-211UBK, and evidently, since this is an "official" drive, it cannot be used to rip 4K discs. The thing is, my whole entire desktop system in addition to this Pioneer drive is supposedly capable of playing a 4K disc; it meets/ exceeds the requirements (hardware & software requirements; software is the Cyberlink PowerDVD software program). But frequently, whenever I attempt playback of a 4K disc, I inevitably run into issues....and this is with a legitimate & legal setup!!! This DRM / AACS is a pain in the you-know-what!! :x

I'm just incredulous that even though I have the proper setup & am going through the proper channels to play back a 4K disc, I can't seem to do it, and so I have to resort to ripping the data to my SSD and playing it back from there. And now I'm running into issues even trying to rip the data!! :?

OK, let me make sure I've got this straight:

Since my Pioneer drive is an "official" drive, I cannot use it to rip 4K discs, correct? So, if I do want to rip the material from a 4K disc that I own, I would have to purchase a "UHD friendly" drive, correct?

And these "UHD friendly" drives: Technically, they're not really UHD playback drives, but rather just regular Blu-ray player drives? But somehow they're able to "see" or "read" the data on a 4K UHD disc? Do I have all that correct?

There's a thread here in one of the sub-forums called UHD Drives, and in here is a sticky thread: ... 16&t=16832

This thread was started back on December 6, 2017, so, that wasn't that long ago, so the info should still be pretty relevant.

There's a sentence in this thread that goes, "The absolute best “UHD-friendly” drive at the moment is ASUS BW-16* series". Do you think this still holds true?

And, it also says in this thread, "Buying this drive (for a price comparable to a single UHD disc) is highly recommended". Is this sentence a bit of an exaggeration? Around this point-in-time (from December 2017 to February 2018), the average price of a single UHD disc is about $30.00 Can I really get one of these "friendly" UHD drives for around that price?

If so, I suppose I'd be willing to do that, because, unless I'm searching & looking it up wrong, I don't see these drives for a price comparable to a single UHD disc :lol:

Please give me your feedback & enlightenment; thanks,
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Re: BvS DoJ UE/ Rip

Post by preserve »

Short answer - friendly drives are BDXL capable drives that are late enough to be friendly to reading the content off UHDs (not all BDXL drives are UHD friendly) but early enough before the UHD copyright protection came into play.

I believe now it's discovered not all BW-16 series are good. Check the UHD drives forum for lots of discussion about UHD drives - this forum is for UHD discs.
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Re: BvS DoJ UE/ Rip

Post by DavVador »

Hello Pezzy,
i ran into same problems as you, i bought all the necessary hardware and software to play 4k UHD on my pc, from new processor, to motherboard, official UHD drive (the same as you which costs 120+€) software and TV of course... and in the end it was a major fail. DRM are just a pity and is killing the 4k market for PC i think.
I finally bought an LG friendly drive (BH16NS55 for about 50€) and thanks to MakeMkv team and some other guys i managed to read and rip all my UHDs without major issue.
If you stick to one of those drives : ... 16&t=16832
There should be no problem ;)
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