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Can I just rip the first few minutes?

Posted: Sat Jun 05, 2021 12:13 pm
by BlueWolf
I have a big issue with Disney/Pixar 4K UHD discs. My problem:

Spend almost 1hr ripping = this is the Spanish into.
Spend another hr ripping the next title = this is the French one!! I don't want that one!
Spend yet another hr ripping = FINALLY THE ONE I WAS LOOKING FOR!!

This is really annoying, wastes a ton of time that could be spent sipping another UHD title, and puts a lot of unneeded wear on my optical drive's poor little laser.

Is there any way to just tip the first 5-10 mins of a title so I can preview what I am ripping before I commit to spending almost an hour ripping the entire title? And before anyone says "oh, but the first one is always English!", that is not the always case. Especially with Disney/Pixar titles.

Re: Can I just rip the first few minutes?

Posted: Sat Jun 05, 2021 2:15 pm
by Woodstock
No, not really.

However, if you understand the Disney "code", it's easy enough to choose which one to rip. On Bluray and UHD, the play list with 00800 in its name is the one with English titles and credits. For animated titles, it will also have English for signs and such within the movie. For region A disks (north america), I believe 00801 is Spanish, and 00802 is French.

All versions have the same available audio tracks and subtitles, so it isn't that big a deal if you get the "wrong one", if you don't care about titles and credits.