Editing FLAC profile? How?

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Editing FLAC profile? How?

Post by Ferrett1983 »

Hi, basically when I choose FLAC profile it puts all HD audio into FLAC. All I want it to do is put LPCM into FLAC and not DTS-MA 5.1 as I'd rather keep that as is. Also I see FLAC compression is set to "fast", does this mean quality lost as theirs a better compression in "Best"?


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Re: Editing FLAC profile? How?

Post by Woodstock »

Since FLAC is a loss-less encoder, the differences between "fast" and "best" are in how small the file gets. A forum search for "mmcp" will come up with a lot of hits, some with descriptions of the details on what to change.

Assuming you've already extracted the file flac.mmcp.xml from appdata.tar in the MakeMKV program directory, save it under a different name in your MakeMKV data directory. You will also have to change its internal name, when you edit the file. The original is:

Code: Select all

    <!-- profile name - Default -->
    <name lang="eng">FLAC</name>
You do not want your custom profile to have the same name.

As for editing it, you should use a text editor (not a word processor) that understands UTF-8 encoding, and preferably one that can do syntax highlighting for XML files so you can verify the file is "legal". My choice is UltraEdit, but there are many free or low-cost alternatives.

Example of someone else making changes to FLAC profile.

You can use the other profiles as hints for what to change; the aac-st.mmcp.xml profile offers "copy" as well as conversion.

Just remember to save your new profile in the data directory, not the program directory, if you want it to survive updates to MakeMKV.
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