Seamless Branching and audio dropouts

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Seamless Branching and audio dropouts

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After much research on audio dropout problems on some newer BD disks, the consensus appears to be that it is a problem related to seamless branching. Wouldn't any "branching" be eliminated when makemkv rips a disk and joins the multiple mpls segments into one file? Shouldn't the fact that there is a continuous audio/video file and no longer separate small files eliminate the problem?

Could someone help me in understanding what is going on?
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Re: Seamless Branching and audio dropouts

Post by Woodstock »

While I can't directly address what MakeMKV does, whenever you assemble a file out of segments that are (potentially) stand-alone, there is some overlap. Some audio CODECs will handle these glitches gracefully, some not so gracefully.
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