Friends Blu Ray Collection

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Friends Blu Ray Collection

Post by buzz234 »

Hi all,

Having a timely process of ripping the Friends Blu Ray collection! ... B0083SEZM0

Does anybody have a list of the titles to rip per disc? As each disc has 40 titles which are over 20mins long (episode time more or less) which then need to be named as they are randomized and some have directors commentary etc - the hard drive space required for S1-7 has been over 600GB so far before putting it into Handbrake etc..

many thanks!

(screenshot attached - 12 titles in season, 30 titles shown!)
Screen Shot 2012-11-17 at 13.06.07.png
Screen Shot 2012-11-17 at 13.06.07.png (540.3 KiB) Viewed 112745 times
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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

Post by Romansh »

Hmm… haven't tried with MakeMKV yet. HandBrake only lists as many ~20-minute titles as there are episodes, AFAIK (not tested S8D1 though).

Does the source file name always say .mpls or are some titles .m2ts?
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Friends Blu Ray Collection

Post by NutFlush920 »

I'll be ordering this week and check my discs out then report my findings as well.
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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

Post by trogdorsmith »

Not sure if you have ripped it yet, but I am ripping mine right now, and I have found that the titles vary from disc to disc, as well as the order. The way I have been determining which titles to rip is based on the languages.

This first pic is a listing of the correct language layout for an episode.
Capture1.PNG (9.15 KiB) Viewed 112437 times
This one appears to be correct, as it does not have Japanese, but note the 2.0 English.
Capture3.PNG (6.63 KiB) Viewed 112437 times
And This one is easily spotted as incorrect
Capture2.PNG (6.96 KiB) Viewed 112437 times
Basically, I have been opening the disc in a player, and watching the first 5-10 seconds, and from that figuring out what episode it is after I rip the correct 11-13 episodes from the disc.

Its painful, and slow, but it works.
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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

Post by simonpickard »

To the above poster..

Do you have a guide as to what .mkv's are to what Ep's?
I think this would be very helpful. I'm currently trying to work it out based on your screen grabs but I am still having a very hard time working out what is what.

Any help with a guide of what is what would be amazing!

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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

Post by simonpickard »

Anyone else have any ideas?
I can't work it out, and I'm quickly running out of space! So many eps but I can't work out what's what.

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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

Post by Smithcraft »

It's painful and slow, but you could use The TV DB to figure out what episodes are what.

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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

Post by arx237 »

So far...only on disk 3 but it looks like each disk episodes are 0071-0082 corresponding to to how many episodes are on the disk. For example, season 1 disk 1 , episode 1 is 0071, episode 2 is 0072, etc. They also save to the hard drive out of order and the trick I saw is simply to select each episode in Makemkv and note on the pane in the right what it is saved as (Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t00.mkv might be the saved name of S02E12 and not S02E01 as logical file numbering would indicate for instance). I do this before ejecting the disk rather than waste time writing them down. It actually goes quite fast and there is no need to either preview the first few seconds or sort through the language menu's. Afterwards I rename each file "Friends S01E0X" and the run through FileBot (mac) to get the complete names. Renaming a whole disk in order takes about 3 minutes.
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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

Post by NutFlush920 »

Got all mine ripped. Huge pain in the you know what.

I ended up doing it through Windows using AnyDVD HD and Handbrake. Pay careful attention to the audio tracks though. Some titles in Handbrake will be the directors commentary title. You'll know this by it being 2.0 not 5.1. For those, note the file and length then go to MakeMKV and select all titles with the same length eliminating the ones with 2.0 audio tracks and abnormal audio languages.

Took me a long time to get the entire series done. I had to manually match up the episodes then by playing a few seconds of each episode.

Glad I'm finally done with it.
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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

Post by wurzl »

just in case someone still finds this thread - that's what I came up with:

S01E01-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t04.mkv 2.879.720.178
S01E02-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t03.mkv 2.878.105.524
S01E03-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t02.mkv 2.876.395.858
S01E04-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t01.mkv 2.873.704.282
S01E05-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t00.mkv 2.870.030.536
S01E06-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t26.mkv 2.625.938.527
S01E07-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t25.mkv 2.835.701.350
S01E08-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t24.mkv 2.861.551.153
S01E09-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t23.mkv 2.870.442.514
S01E10-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t22.mkv 2.874.122.115
S01E11-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t11.mkv 2.870.647.883
S01E12-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t19.mkv 2.864.266.102
S01E13-Friends_Season_1_Disc_2_t04.mkv 2.872.334.039
S01E14-Friends_Season_1_Disc_2_t03.mkv 2.865.747.420
S01E15-Friends_Season_1_Disc_2_t02.mkv 2.869.770.656
S01E16-Friends_Season_1_Disc_2_t01.mkv 2.873.933.357
S01E17-Friends_Season_1_Disc_2_t00.mkv 2.865.779.801
S01E18-Friends_Season_1_Disc_2_t26.mkv 2.865.811.406
S01E19-Friends_Season_1_Disc_2_t25.mkv 2.868.492.818
S01E20-Friends_Season_1_Disc_2_t24.mkv 2.869.261.536
S01E21-Friends_Season_1_Disc_2_t23.mkv 2.863.950.780
S01E22-Friends_Season_1_Disc_2_t20.mkv 2.862.630.042
S01E23-Friends_Season_1_Disc_2_t06.mkv 2.867.218.530
S01E24-Friends_Season_1_Disc_2_t07.mkv 2.864.990.630

S02E01-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t07.mkv 2.761.966.223
S02E02-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t14.mkv 2.826.561.183
S02E03-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t13.mkv 2.847.964.094
S02E04-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t12.mkv 2.839.499.019
S02E05-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t11.mkv 2.845.779.533
S02E06-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t10.mkv 2.844.331.160
S02E07-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t09.mkv 2.859.748.894
S02E08-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t08.mkv 2.845.006.671
S02E09-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t03.mkv 2.839.402.856
S02E10-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t01.mkv 2.849.477.069
S02E11-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t00.mkv 2.847.269.212
S02E12-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t02.mkv 2.834.311.809
S02E13-Friends_Season_2_Disc_1_t06.mkv 2.800.367.609
S02E14-Friends_Season_2_Disc_2_t15.mkv 2.834.460.947
S02E15-Friends_Season_2_Disc_2_t12.mkv 2.827.084.038
S02E16-Friends_Season_2_Disc_2_t06.mkv 2.819.440.834
S02E17-Friends_Season_2_Disc_2_t01.mkv 2.830.428.247
S02E18-Friends_Season_2_Disc_2_t00.mkv 2.831.303.788
S02E19-Friends_Season_2_Disc_2_t28.mkv 2.841.209.361
S02E20-Friends_Season_2_Disc_2_t27.mkv 2.823.454.139
S02E21-Friends_Season_2_Disc_2_t26.mkv 2.866.957.126
S02E22-Friends_Season_2_Disc_2_t25.mkv 2.838.697.169
S02E23-Friends_Season_2_Disc_2_t24.mkv 2.832.878.913
S02E24-Friends_Season_2_Disc_2_t17.mkv 2.829.538.316

S03E01-Friends_Season_3_Disc_1_t22.mkv 2.864.027.902
S03E02-Friends_Season_3_Disc_1_t20.mkv 2.881.287.799
S03E03-Friends_Season_3_Disc_1_t23.mkv 2.875.984.870
S03E04-Friends_Season_3_Disc_1_t17.mkv 2.882.967.583
S03E05-Friends_Season_3_Disc_1_t07.mkv 2.875.296.616
S03E06-Friends_Season_3_Disc_1_t03.mkv 2.865.912.064
S03E07-Friends_Season_3_Disc_1_t21.mkv 2.877.173.256
S03E08-Friends_Season_3_Disc_1_t02.mkv 2.873.736.961
S03E09-Friends_Season_3_Disc_1_t01.mkv 2.874.918.060
S03E10-Friends_Season_3_Disc_1_t00.mkv 2.880.536.943
S03E11-Friends_Season_3_Disc_1_t25.mkv 2.882.040.472
S03E12-Friends_Season_3_Disc_1_t05.mkv 2.872.821.198
S03E13-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t04.mkv 2.873.260.150
S03E14-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t03.mkv 2.873.401.539
S03E15-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t02.mkv 2.859.194.022
S03E16-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t01.mkv 2.911.921.109
S03E17-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t00.mkv 2.880.547.337
S03E18-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t32.mkv 2.874.050.977
S03E19-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t31.mkv 2.866.858.631
S03E20-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t30.mkv 2.877.955.483
S03E21-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t27.mkv 2.877.233.603
S03E22-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t26.mkv 2.863.488.369
S03E23-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t06.mkv 2.877.139.356
S03E24-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t08.mkv 2.869.496.931
S03E25-Friends_Season_3_Disc_2_t07.mkv 2.866.427.543

S04E01-Friends_Season_4_Disc_1_t05.mkv 2.826.908.681
S04E02-Friends_Season_4_Disc_1_t03.mkv 2.779.549.631
S04E03-Friends_Season_4_Disc_1_t02.mkv 2.771.931.782
S04E04-Friends_Season_4_Disc_1_t01.mkv 2.765.915.313
S04E05-Friends_Season_4_Disc_1_t00.mkv 2.766.321.355
S04E06-Friends_Season_4_Disc_1_t28.mkv 2.800.451.908
S04E07-Friends_Season_4_Disc_1_t16.mkv 2.764.250.379
S04E08-Friends_Season_4_Disc_1_t15.mkv 2.835.077.739
S04E09-Friends_Season_4_Disc_1_t14.mkv 2.782.802.358
S04E10-Friends_Season_4_Disc_1_t11.mkv 2.777.780.188
S04E11-Friends_Season_4_Disc_1_t06.mkv 2.775.329.765
S04E12-Friends_Season_4_Disc_1_t07.mkv 2.773.362.623
S04E13-Friends_Season_4_Disc_2_t11.mkv 2.773.274.952
S04E14-Friends_Season_4_Disc_2_t07.mkv 2.775.477.991
S04E15-Friends_Season_4_Disc_2_t06.mkv 2.772.837.024
S04E16-Friends_Season_4_Disc_2_t02.mkv 2.763.884.611
S04E17-Friends_Season_4_Disc_2_t00.mkv 2.767.449.146
S04E18-Friends_Season_4_Disc_2_t32.mkv 2.777.210.725
S04E19-Friends_Season_4_Disc_2_t29.mkv 2.764.221.172
S04E20-Friends_Season_4_Disc_2_t28.mkv 2.767.439.881
S04E21-Friends_Season_4_Disc_2_t27.mkv 2.772.187.214
S04E22-Friends_Season_4_Disc_2_t26.mkv 2.782.573.342
S04E23-Friends_Season_4_Disc_2_t21.mkv 2.780.873.063
S04E24-Friends_Season_4_Disc_2_t22.mkv 2.764.982.026

S05E01-Friends_Season_5_Disc_1_t25.mkv 2.762.006.768
S05E02-Friends_Season_5_Disc_1_t18.mkv 2.766.775.513
S05E03-Friends_Season_5_Disc_1_t16.mkv 2.763.136.181
S05E04-Friends_Season_5_Disc_1_t14.mkv 2.766.594.554
S05E05-Friends_Season_5_Disc_1_t13.mkv 2.765.380.630
S05E06-Friends_Season_5_Disc_1_t10.mkv 2.768.139.179
S05E07-Friends_Season_5_Disc_1_t09.mkv 2.761.897.912
S05E08-Friends_Season_5_Disc_1_t05.mkv 2.767.697.529
S05E09-Friends_Season_5_Disc_1_t03.mkv 2.771.448.225
S05E10-Friends_Season_5_Disc_1_t02.mkv 2.774.913.375
S05E11-Friends_Season_5_Disc_1_t12.mkv 2.765.453.754
S05E12-Friends_Season_5_Disc_1_t11.mkv 2.770.702.332
S05E13-Friends_Season_5_Disc_2_t05.mkv 2.767.258.208
S05E14-Friends_Season_5_Disc_2_t03.mkv 2.766.869.908
S05E15-Friends_Season_5_Disc_2_t02.mkv 2.767.152.583
S05E16-Friends_Season_5_Disc_2_t01.mkv 2.753.627.695
S05E17-Friends_Season_5_Disc_2_t00.mkv 2.768.465.782
S05E18-Friends_Season_5_Disc_2_t28.mkv 2.776.365.812
S05E19-Friends_Season_5_Disc_2_t27.mkv 2.773.407.557
S05E20-Friends_Season_5_Disc_2_t26.mkv 2.771.033.108
S05E21-Friends_Season_5_Disc_2_t25.mkv 2.774.641.975
S05E22-Friends_Season_5_Disc_2_t24.mkv 2.764.789.902
S05E23-Friends_Season_5_Disc_2_t20.mkv 2.763.328.408
S05E24-Friends_Season_5_Disc_2_t21.mkv 2.755.703.779

S06E01-Friends_Season_6_Disc_1_t21.mkv 2.758.562.458
S06E02-Friends_Season_6_Disc_1_t17.mkv 2.745.353.529
S06E03-Friends_Season_6_Disc_1_t15.mkv 2.749.416.034
S06E04-Friends_Season_6_Disc_1_t13.mkv 2.738.180.083
S06E05-Friends_Season_6_Disc_1_t12.mkv 2.744.241.887
S06E06-Friends_Season_6_Disc_1_t09.mkv 2.741.845.987
S06E07-Friends_Season_6_Disc_1_t20.mkv 2.738.441.599
S06E08-Friends_Season_6_Disc_1_t08.mkv 2.711.755.898
S06E09-Friends_Season_6_Disc_1_t01.mkv 2.830.414.875
S06E10-Friends_Season_6_Disc_1_t00.mkv 2.736.951.268
S06E11-Friends_Season_6_Disc_1_t11.mkv 2.740.348.445
S06E12-Friends_Season_6_Disc_1_t10.mkv 2.742.982.128
S06E13-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t07.mkv 2.716.783.301
S06E14-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t03.mkv 2.752.806.612
S06E15-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t02.mkv 2.734.551.358
S06E16-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t01.mkv 2.730.833.553
S06E17-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t00.mkv 2.730.946.892
S06E18-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t34.mkv 2.743.154.900
S06E19-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t33.mkv 2.717.471.743
S06E20-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t32.mkv 2.739.511.890
S06E21-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t31.mkv 2.774.120.683
S06E22-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t30.mkv 2.755.916.064
S06E23-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t11.mkv 2.765.876.436
S06E24-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t12.mkv 2.734.597.344
S06E25-Friends_Season_6_Disc_2_t10.mkv 2.733.301.799

S07E01-Friends_Season_7_Disc_1_t12.mkv 2.741.822.108
S07E02-Friends_Season_7_Disc_1_t11.mkv 2.739.024.637
S07E03-Friends_Season_7_Disc_1_t10.mkv 2.662.625.308
S07E04-Friends_Season_7_Disc_1_t09.mkv 2.741.176.530
S07E05-Friends_Season_7_Disc_1_t08.mkv 2.742.299.977
S07E06-Friends_Season_7_Disc_1_t07.mkv 2.738.021.807
S07E07-Friends_Season_7_Disc_1_t06.mkv 2.741.988.930
S07E08-Friends_Season_7_Disc_1_t05.mkv 2.741.461.987
S07E09-Friends_Season_7_Disc_1_t04.mkv 2.738.522.687
S07E10-Friends_Season_7_Disc_1_t03.mkv 2.738.138.317
S07E11-Friends_Season_7_Disc_1_t02.mkv 2.747.275.546
S07E12-Friends_Season_7_Disc_1_t01.mkv 2.724.005.271
S07E13-Friends_Season_7_Disc_2_t12.mkv 2.743.597.405
S07E14-Friends_Season_7_Disc_2_t11.mkv 2.732.947.554
S07E15-Friends_Season_7_Disc_2_t09.mkv 2.802.442.087
S07E16-Friends_Season_7_Disc_2_t08.mkv 2.738.984.391
S07E17-Friends_Season_7_Disc_2_t07.mkv 2.738.938.259
S07E18-Friends_Season_7_Disc_2_t06.mkv 2.745.097.289
S07E19-Friends_Season_7_Disc_2_t05.mkv 2.742.785.606
S07E20-Friends_Season_7_Disc_2_t04.mkv 2.747.026.985
S07E21-Friends_Season_7_Disc_2_t03.mkv 2.725.761.455
S07E22-Friends_Season_7_Disc_2_t02.mkv 2.736.421.048
S07E23-Friends_Season_7_Disc_2_t01.mkv 2.741.734.388
S07E24-Friends_Season_7_Disc_2_t00.mkv 2.734.786.559

S08E01-Friends_Season_8_Disc_1_t16.mkv 2.803.703.336
S08E02-Friends_Season_8_Disc_1_t15.mkv 2.739.577.991
S08E03-Friends_Season_8_Disc_1_t14.mkv 2.744.409.235
S08E04-Friends_Season_8_Disc_1_t13.mkv 2.802.904.653
S08E05-Friends_Season_8_Disc_1_t01.mkv 2.748.211.525
S08E06-Friends_Season_8_Disc_1_t28.mkv 2.744.480.858
S08E07-Friends_Season_8_Disc_1_t24.mkv 2.743.212.141
S08E08-Friends_Season_8_Disc_1_t23.mkv 2.725.865.291
S08E09-Friends_Season_8_Disc_1_t22.mkv 2.748.151.812
S08E10-Friends_Season_8_Disc_1_t21.mkv 2.751.668.716
S08E11-Friends_Season_8_Disc_1_t20.mkv 2.746.654.384
S08E12-Friends_Season_8_Disc_1_t19.mkv 2.745.962.462
S08E13-Friends_Season_8_Disc_2_t24.mkv 2.701.357.555
S08E14-Friends_Season_8_Disc_2_t23.mkv 2.741.646.136
S08E15-Friends_Season_8_Disc_2_t22.mkv 2.742.400.668
S08E16-Friends_Season_8_Disc_2_t08.mkv 2.630.099.648
S08E17-Friends_Season_8_Disc_2_t21.mkv 2.736.717.445
S08E18-Friends_Season_8_Disc_2_t20.mkv 2.745.046.925
S08E19-Friends_Season_8_Disc_2_t19.mkv 2.741.694.440
S08E20-Friends_Season_8_Disc_2_t07.mkv 2.754.686.504
S08E21-Friends_Season_8_Disc_2_t18.mkv 2.746.070.127
S08E22-Friends_Season_8_Disc_2_t06.mkv 2.742.164.162
S08E23-Friends_Season_8_Disc_2_t05.mkv 2.743.621.299
S08E24-Friends_Season_8_Disc_2_t04.mkv 2.734.918.688

S09E01-Friends_Season_9_Disc_1_t23.mkv 2.901.576.923
S09E02-Friends_Season_9_Disc_1_t21.mkv 2.884.249.666
S09E03-Friends_Season_9_Disc_1_t24.mkv 2.906.452.152
S09E04-Friends_Season_9_Disc_1_t20.mkv 2.905.192.631
S09E05-Friends_Season_9_Disc_1_t10.mkv 2.909.692.632
S09E06-Friends_Season_9_Disc_1_t06.mkv 3.993.275.459
S09E07-Friends_Season_9_Disc_1_t22.mkv 2.913.629.377
S09E08-Friends_Season_9_Disc_1_t03.mkv 3.163.732.009
S09E09-Friends_Season_9_Disc_1_t02.mkv 2.895.307.026
S09E10-Friends_Season_9_Disc_1_t01.mkv 2.903.320.606
S09E11-Friends_Season_9_Disc_1_t26.mkv 2.911.338.990
S09E12-Friends_Season_9_Disc_1_t08.mkv 2.908.553.753
S09E13-Friends_Season_9_Disc_2_t21.mkv 3.853.500.840
S09E14-Friends_Season_9_Disc_2_t19.mkv 2.918.889.078
S09E15-Friends_Season_9_Disc_2_t17.mkv 2.850.012.684
S09E16-Friends_Season_9_Disc_2_t15.mkv 2.909.583.544
S09E17-Friends_Season_9_Disc_2_t06.mkv 2.994.209.315
S09E18-Friends_Season_9_Disc_2_t03.mkv 2.849.783.931
S09E20-Friends_Season_9_Disc_2_t02.mkv 2.993.554.733
S09E21-Friends_Season_9_Disc_2_t01.mkv 3.373.355.194
S09E22-Friends_Season_9_Disc_2_t00.mkv 3.084.534.205
S09E23E24-Friends_Season_9_Disc_2_t23.mkv 6.264.631.173

S10E01-Friends_Season_10_Disc_1_t20.mkv 3.699.303.143
S10E03-Friends_Season_10_Disc_1_t15.mkv 3.053.839.228
S10E04-Friends_Season_10_Disc_1_t12.mkv 2.904.254.643
S10E05-Friends_Season_10_Disc_1_t11.mkv 3.568.711.279
S10E07-Friends_Season_10_Disc_1_t19.mkv 2.934.247.833
S10E08-Friends_Season_10_Disc_1_t07.mkv 2.925.324.432
S10E09-Friends_Season_10_Disc_1_t01.mkv 3.140.339.247
S10E10-Friends_Season_10_Disc_1_t00.mkv 2.902.188.141
S10E11-Friends_Season_10_Disc_1_t10.mkv 3.480.527.640
S10E12-Friends_Season_10_Disc_1_t09.mkv 3.739.371.002
S10E13-Friends_Season_10_Disc_2_t05.mkv 2.980.044.985
S10E14-Friends_Season_10_Disc_2_t04.mkv 2.933.097.969
S10E15-Friends_Season_10_Disc_2_t02.mkv 2.915.422.009
S10E16-Friends_Season_10_Disc_2_t01.mkv 2.875.505.238
S10E17E18-Friends_Season_10_Disc_2_t00.mkv 5.994.778.200
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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

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As long as MakeMKV keeps the titles in the physical order on loading the disc this is quite random. I hope this helps: ... 089#p39089
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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

Post by tombutcher1990 »

wurzl wrote:just in case someone still finds this thread - that's what I came up with:
I found this thread. You sir are my absolute hero. You've saved me hours of work figuring this out.

I literally went through to the other room and told my wife how I had a new hero and it was you.
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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

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I took the work from a lot of the previous posters and created a python script to automate the renaming process. I created two files: one that contains a dictionary for the renaming, and one that is the python script itself. The script renames the episodes according to the Plex file naming syntax, but it could be easily adapted for other formats as well.
it looks like each disk episodes are 0071-0082 corresponding to to how many episodes are on the disk
I found that to be true, except for a few disks when I needed to grab 0083 as well. I think it was from the seasons that have 25 episodes instead of 24.
just in case someone still finds this thread - that's what I came up with:

S01E01-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t04.mkv 2.879.720.178
S01E02-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t03.mkv 2.878.105.524
S01E03-Friends_Season_1_Disc_1_t02.mkv 2.876.395.858
This was a huge help in creating my script!! Thanks! I had a few small differences from this, all from one disk (I believe it was in season 2 disc 2).

Anyways... here are the two files: dictionary.txt and Just drop these two files in the same folder as all the episodes and it will rename them. If you see any errors/mistakes let me know and I will make sure to update!
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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

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I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to say that H0lyH4ndGr3nade and wurzl are my new heroes too. This has simplified the process immensely! Thank you!
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Re: Friends Blu Ray Collection

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wurzl wrote:just in case someone still finds this thread - that's what I came up with:
You are my hero! This saved me so much time in my ripping process. Instead of weeks, it took 2 days!

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