CdRom Arbiter question

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CdRom Arbiter question

Post by BobsYerUncle »

Hi folks, new here. I just had to ask about this as there was not much about this.

I read someone stating it is for a few drives on modern machines, acting a go between Windows and MakeMKV.

But my question is this:
Why does the Arbiter not have an uninstaller?

I like to be sure what I am installing in my system can be removed when I am done using it. MakeMOV seems removed, but the arbiter file remains and the registry entries as well. Could anyone explain if this is just a bug or not?
How to remove it from my system?
Windows 10 operating system. Not sure the version matters, as the programs used are the same. Trying to dig it out of my Services and registry.

Also, I found the .exe in the Program Files\Common Files

Found 2 registry entries:
and the other is

Deleting those 2 registry entries and the .exe seems fine. But the Services program still says it is there and I cant seem to remove it. Which is why I am here. Asking about how to remove the arbiter.

edit: Couldnt reply until the message was approved. But after deleting the registry entries, I forgot it may require a restart. It was no longer showing up in Services after rebooting. But still curious if I missed any part of it and curious why it doesnt uninstall?
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Re: CdRom Arbiter question

Post by mike admin »

CdRom arbiter is just a regular service. It can be stopped or disabled from task manager or services panel.The disabled service is as good as uninstalled, and generally, being a small open-source service it does more good than harm)
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Re: CdRom Arbiter question

Post by Coffee »

In case you really want to get rid off that arbiter service you should follow these steps:

1. Hit Windows Start and type in: services
or press key command WIN+R and type in: services.msc [hit ENTER]*

2. Search for "CdRom device arbiter service"
right click on it and open its properties.
Stop service.

3. Hit Windows Start and type in cmd and make sure to open it with Administrator privileges.
type in:
sc delete CdRomArbiterService

If you don't get a success message, the service was not stopped correctly, return to step 2.

* You don't type these or what's in it: []
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