Oppo UDP 203 has problems with MKV

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ghost rider
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Oppo UDP 203 has problems with MKV

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A year or two ago I bought makeMKV so I could start backing up new UHD movies. Everything worked fine with no issues. A couple months ago I bought all the Star wars movies and LOTR. I seemed to have all kinds of problems at first I could not rip some I read about issues with the discs needing to be returned. I returned a couple, got them all ripped and made mkv movie only backups.
During playback most of the Star wars sporadic audio mutes and a few times the audio never came back. Restarting my Marantz AVP would bring the audio back.

I'm still not sure where my problem is. The only problem I have is playing mkv UHD files. I more or less forgot about it, "it is what it is".

Today I tried to watch one of the movies and I get the same issue multiple times. I put the disc in and it plays perfectly. So am I the only person having issues like this is it related to the Oppo or the Marantz av 7702 mkll?
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Re: Oppo UDP 203 has problems with MKV

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This is only with mkv files?
Try ripping one as a “full disc backup” (BDMV folder) and play that back in the Oppo.

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