MakeMKV Feature Request/Suggestion Thread

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Chris Kelly
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MakeMKV Feature Request/Suggestion Thread

Post by Chris Kelly »

Why not have a place just for this purpose! While MakeMKV is open/opened and running, allow decryption of DVDs, HD DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K/UHD Blu-rays when copying from disc via Windows Explorer, as well as when playing discs with CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra and VLC Media Player. Add DVD support to MakeMKV's "Backup" feature/utility, as well as allowing MakeMKV's backup feature/utility to backup and decrypt ALL FOLDERS on DVDs, HD DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K/UHD Blu-rays.
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Re: MakeMKV Feature Request/Suggestion Thread

Post by Woodstock »

The unfortunate reality is that people simply do not use search to find out if there is an existing topic for their issue.

Take the simple request for "add a way to unselect/deselect all titles"; it comes up at least once per month. Searching for "unselect" or "deselect" comes up with 190+ and 300+ hits, respectively, with the answer (use the context menu and chose "unselect all"), but no one even looks.

As for integration with other programs, programs that want to integrate, can. VLC already has integration; Cyberlink doesn't WANT integration, because they want to sell you on the version of their program that has official UHD support. Windows Explorer doesn't need support.

Re: DVD "backup", there are several readily-available DVD ISO programs free (and otherwise) out there already. I have one for Windows (BDLot) that hasn't been supported for over a decade, but it still works to create either an actual ISO file, or one that has the encryption removed. I've used it so rarely that I have to use GOOGLE to find it when I "need" a DVD ISO, but it's simpler to use dd on Linux.
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Re: MakeMKV Feature Request/Suggestion Thread

Post by st4evr »

You are asking for universal “on the fly”/“real time” decryption. Which has been discussed hundreds of times going back at least 10 years now. With responses from Mike himself regarding the issue from time to time. Example: ... decryption ... tion#p1817

As Woodstock advises, a quick simple forum search returns many of these conversations. And as it’s been dicussed and advised by Mike on some occasions already, this is MakeMKV. An application to “Make MKV” files first and foremost. If you want that type of workflow/process there are already existing applications out there that offer that feature.

Yet Mike has not 100% ruled out the possibility of this one day possibly being a feature, but after 10+ years of this being asked it still hasn’t, so don’t be surprised that it is not a priority. So don’t hold your breath until Mike further advises otherwise.
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Re: MakeMKV Feature Request/Suggestion Thread

Post by jonghotti »

I would love it if when a rip finished an option to have the tray slide open and for a sound to be played.

I would additionally be so grateful if that Mac bug where MakeMKV stops sending keep alives causing macOS to decide the drive is no longer present and dump it from its hardware list. The log shows IPC errors? You know the one!

Thank you!

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