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Suggestion: Save Logs

Post by oddler »

Title is simple enough. Put a checkbox in settings, when enabled, each time an extraction is made, related logs should be saved in the same directory. Also general details about the disc and selected playlists, like segment map etc. This would help a lot afterwards.
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Re: Suggestion: Save Logs

Post by Woodstock »

Perhaps "do not automatically OVERWRITE logs" would be a better way to word the suggestion.
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Re: Suggestion: Save Logs

Post by preserve »

I agree that this would be a great feature.

There is a lot of potential here for more detailed logging that MakeMKV should be able to easily do. For those folks who are interested in such things, it would be a lot more convenient to have all this information just automatically saved when ripping.

The key point is that the log should be saved in the same directory that you are ripping into. I always create a directory for each disc and rip into that directory. That way you don't have to go and copy the log afterward, it's already saved with your files for that disc.

I also like the idea of title information, such as segment map and other details that are displayed in MakeMKV's GUI, being saved into this file. It'd be a very handy reference. I currently do a dump of the disc tree prior to ripping using a batch file from the command line, and I manually copy the disc information (as well as which AACS version it uses) into another text file (I asked a long time ago for the "Protection" line to be moved to the bottom of the disc information so that I only had to copy/paste from one place instead of two), but I haven't got around to writing a script to parse the tree data, and having that data ready to go in a readable format in a log would be far more convenient.

If this "Save Log" (and even the current log) could also use Windows line breaks instead of Unix, it would also be really helpful.

Lastly, some time ago the general "AV sync" error message was prepended to the subtitle error messages in order to, as I understand it, identify which file the subtitle error messages referred to, which only caused confusion. Even besides this, the indications of which errors are occuring related to which titles is not always clear. It would really make the log much nicer and easier to digest if there could be a simple line included as MakeMKV starts ripping each title. It would simply list the title and state that it's starting that title, and then you know that any following log lines apply to that title. Then, after completing that title and before moving onto the next one, there would be a blank carriage return to create a division between the log lines of each title. This would make it so much easier to read the logs.
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Re: Suggestion: Save Logs

Post by exitguy »

If you select Debug Logging in the Settings then for each Title you do an extract for a log file would be created which is named:
Title ddmmyyy (or variation according to Windows Region setup) hhmmss.log - so an example of how it would end up looking like is
Terminator Salvation 16082020 174536.log
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Re: Suggestion: Save Logs

Post by jinx100 »

If this feature is added, it should be default option "off". I do not want a list of all the discs I have decrypted stored for security and privacy reasons. I hardly ever decrypt the same disc twice and then only when the wrong playlist or audio track was selected.
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