HD-DVD - 1080p false advertising?

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HD-DVD - 1080p false advertising?

Post by audi.rs4 »


I know HD-DVDs died many moons ago. I myself invested a lot in them. Fortunately, I came across MakeMKV a while back, and had the Xbox 360 player so I was able to make my collection live on.

One thing I noticed recently, was that all my movies in Plex, that came from HD-DVDs, read as 1080i. Upon looking at the media, they all say they are 29fps and interlaced. This surprised me so I went and grabbed some of my cases I had boxed up, and read the back of them, in which they clearly state the video is "1080p".

Are they lying? Is this false advertising? Did I do something wrong? I have read comments from others on this forum, that pretty much all HD-DVDs are 1080i, but all the ones I have on their box list 1080p! Are 1080i films at 29fps the same as 1080p at 24fps?


Note: These files to which I refer are all straight rips with MakeMKV.
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Re: HD-DVD - 1080p false advertising?

Post by JasonHC73 »

Your Eye will never be able to see the difference.

1080i sends 540 even lines, then 540 odd lines to make the image.
1080p sends 1 entire 1080 image one after another to make the image.

All my HD-DVD's show 1080P on them also.

I'll assume you are a human, so the "average" human only has ~23 Hz to ~26 Hz vision. That means our brain only catches what our eye sees ~23 to ~26 times a second, EEG's only work at 13 Hz. This is why 24 frames per second are the industry standard for "FILM". Our mind can sometimes see very light "flicker" on a "FILM" since it is often in sync with everyone's brain.

Anything higher is just higher and pointless.

Now, on the other end of the whole Frames Per the Second question; Seeing a smear on the screen because the image can't be drawn fast enough is an entirely different thing. This is why you want faster frame rates for TV's to show the smooth motion of side-scrolling, such as sports.

A tv or monitor is not at all like a film projector, it still draws each and every dot, one right after the other along a field, or the entire page. It does this incredibly fast mind you. But in the digital world, when the time is up, that's it, the next frame starts. If this line is not quite done the drawing, too bad, the next "frame" is started. This is why the fastest frame rates make the smoothest most natural looking TV for side-scrolling action motion.
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Re: HD-DVD - 1080p false advertising?

Post by thetoad »

depends on how static the image is. There's reason ABC/ESPN decided to go with 720p for sports insted of 1080i. For constantly changing scenes, 720p is a constant 720 lines of vertical resolution, while for fast moving things 1080i will devolve to 540 of vertical resolution

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Re: HD-DVD - 1080p false advertising?

Post by paulster »

Depending on how you're going to play them you may need to remove the 3:2 pulldown flags to get a 1080p 24fps file. I've long since processed all my HD-DVDs so I can't remember exactly how I did it, but it was one of the common command-line utilities like eac3to or tsmuxer that allowed me to do it. The underlying data is 1080p 24fps, but then they add the pulldown flags for NTSC compatibility on some (all?) HD-DVDs.
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Re: HD-DVD - 1080p false advertising?

Post by Woodstock »

Doing this search on Google brings up some interesting rabbit holes to explore: "hd-dvd remove 3:2 pulldown flag"
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Re: HD-DVD - 1080p false advertising?

Post by audi.rs4 »

Thanks for everyone's replies. I assumed that any response to this would have emailed me, but I never received any so I figured no one responded.

I've noticed that my Nvidia Shield has some issues with playback of some of my HD-DVD videos from my Plex Server. I wonder if this 3:2 Pulldown is part of the issue. The 3 Matrix movies are the primary ones I notice that don't work. I may give it a try and see if that fixes the issue with them.

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Re: HD-DVD - 1080p false advertising?

Post by preserve »

Interesting... I can instantly see when content is encoded interlaced 1080i with Blu-ray, often special features, which annoys me, but I’m guessing it’s something different, presumably that’s 29.97 content.

And then on the other hand there’s 50i UK content on Blu-ray that, once ripped, plays as 25p, which pleases me to no end.
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