Correct Source File / .mpls / (FPL_MainFeature)

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Correct Source File / .mpls / (FPL_MainFeature)

Post by edcole71 »

Forgive me if this has already been answered. New to the forum and couldn't find answer in FAQ.

I'm running MAC version of software and unable to ID main feature on obfuscated discs. On another thread (link below), I saw a screenshot that showed (FPL_MainFeature) to the right of description. Is this a hidden feature or only available on Windows version? ... s&start=15
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Re: Correct Source File / .mpls / (FPL_MainFeature)

Post by Woodstock »

It's a feature of all versions, IF you have the Java Runtime Environment installed.

Java is not factory installed on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It must be downloaded and installed separately. All official versions of Java are available from Oracles website.

Consider the rest of this message to be a rant:

Whatever you do, do NOT allow Java to connect itself to any of your browsers!

It is an insecure piece of [software] that should never be exposed to internet. It is as bad as Flash in terms of "security exploit of the day". There is no such thing as a "secure version of Java"; you can only limit your exposure to vulnerabilities by preventing it from being accessed from internet, or, when you cannot avoid it, running it in a virtual machine that you can restore from backup when you're through.

Edited to add: The Homeland Security warnings about Java have been rescinded. If you are running an up-to-date JRE, it is now considered "mostly harmless" by the government. I still would not allow it to connect to the internet unsupervised (i.e., don't let it integrate with your browser if you don't need to).
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Re: Correct Source File / .mpls / (FPL_MainFeature)

Post by TheTerrorBeyond »

If you install JRE, then point MakeMKV to it, you will see the following on playlist obfuscated discs:

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