Always different CRC hash

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Always different CRC hash

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Hi, I am using MakeMKV to archive my old DVDs but there is one thing which confuses me, every file has a different hash, even if the settings are exactly the same! Why is that so? If I rip a CD with foobar, the file is always the same.

Does MakeMKV need some kind of reread option for discs like cd rippers?
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Re: Always different CRC hash

Post by Yugatha »

This has been discussed before - please see ... ent#p46690 for the previous discussion. Short and sweet, is that the Chapters have to be fully unique, and differ, even when ripping the same file. Also, there are tags such as "creation date" that obviously change between rips (as it includes time ripped). This causes the hash to be different.
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