What is the correct play list [insert title here]?

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Re: What is the correct play list [insert title here]?

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scastria wrote:
Fri Jun 04, 2021 9:39 pm
… is there a 100% reliable way to determine which playlist to rip …
I think the answer to that is no, regardless of platform. 100% reliability is hard. There is this thread: viewtopic.php?p=95815#p95815 and I even wrote a post in there about a way to do it on a Mac with a decrypted backup and VLC.

I almost always can find a thread on this forum that points me in the direction of the correct playlist. Sometimes I need a couple of tries to find the right one. I usually make a decrypted backup of the disc and then make the .mkv from that. I don't delete the backup until after I watch the movie. This saves me from having to read the optical disc again.
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Re: What is the correct play list [insert title here]?

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In case anyone hasn't noticed yet, the "new"(est) version of MakeMKV, 1.16.4, was released back on July 7th and is said to offer "Much better support for discs with Java playlist obfuscation."

I've only tested this on one disc so far, but I found that 1.16.4 correctly identified the playlist for the CA Blu-ray release of Chaos Walking, whereas the previous versions did not.

Can't wait to try more discs, fingers crossed for our fake playlist woes to finally be over!
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Re: What is the correct play list [insert title here]?

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Woodstock wrote:
Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:49 am
If you are wondering what the correct play list is for ANY Lionsgate Bluray disk that has "hundreds of play lists", start here.

First - MakeMKV has had a feature for some time now to try to guess the correct play list. It is discussed in this topic: http://makemkv.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14330

It involves having the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for your operating system installed. You can get that by going to java.com, the official website for Java. Personal recommendation: Do NOT install "web integration" or "browser support". It is not needed for the JRE to work with MakeMKV, and it is one less potential security hole when surfing Internet.

If the JRE is set up properly, AND you insert a Blu-Ray disk with "fake playlist protection" (i.e., something sold by Lionsgate), the log window will show a message similar to:
Using Java runtime from C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_121\bin\java.exe
(this will not appear for non-BD disks or BDs that do not have "fake playlist" detected)

If MakeMKV can sniff out the main feature, it will move its play list to the top, with a comment of "(FPL_MainFeature)" next to it in the selection window (left part of screen).

Hint: To unselect the titles you do not want, put your mouse over the selection area, and bring up the "Context menu". The context menu has 3 options, "Toggle item", "Select All", and "Unselect All". Chose appropriately. Windows users can use the RIGHT click button on their mouse, or use the "context menu key" on their keyboard. This also (usually) works for Linux, and with multibutton mice on Macs, but single-button mice usually require you to use the Ctrl (or Control) key when you click.

If MakeMKV made an incorrect choice (it can happen), let Mike know about it - information on how to do that is found in the first link in this message.

Failing the above (especially if you have a DVD), do a search for the title of your disk first. There are over a hundred different movies being discussed at various times on this forum, some of them having 5 or 6 different topics. And these disks have different play lists that are "correct", depending on when and where you bought them.

Titles with short words are hard to search for, because the forum software doesn't index words shorter than 4 character. Google can be your friend here, and you can search for things like "MY MOVIE TITLE MAKEMKV" and you'll probably find the topic on this forum that is discussing the various working playlists.
Thanks for this post! I installed Java and afterwards went into the settings for Java to disable Web and Browser integration. Then I ran MakeMKV again and was able to easily find the correct Title that included the "(FPL_MainFeature)". Before installing Java, all the titles looked exactly the same.
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Re: What is the correct play list [insert title here]?

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I must be missing something here. If a Blu-Ray player knows which title to play, that information must be on the disk somewhere, right? If it is on the disk somewhere, why can't MakeMKV use it so that it doesn't have to guess?
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Re: What is the correct play list [insert title here]?

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If it is on the disk somewhere, why can't MakeMKV use it so that it doesn't have to guess?
MakeMKV does a lot to try to find the "right playlist", but it cannot be perfect (yet?). That's why it displays information about each track that it finds, and moves the most likely candidate to the top.
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