Well I tried to buy.

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Well I tried to buy.

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I dimly recall trying to buy MakeMKV before and this happens. I won't comply with your card processors excessive privacy intrusions. I do want to support you but I'm unsure how to do so now. The last time I had difficulty sending money out of the US I mailed a freaking check and it cashed. Shocking as I was getting quotes upwards of $200 in fees to send $100.

My card(s) are blocked by paypal by name and zip. I may have said something to offend them. Maybe 3 somethings.
I've tried several times to setup fairy dust, fairy dust, etherium, etc and I feel like they want to probe me like a TSA guard with some wooden tools.

It used to be so easy dammit.
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Re: Well I tried to buy.

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give a friend you trust cash to buy it for you using paypal
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