Blu-ray ISO file to MKV file

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Blu-ray ISO file to MKV file

Post by tjenkins02910 »

I have alot of blu-ray movie discs that I have converted into ISO files. I also have an OPPO blu-ray player that can play MKV files. I would like to know if I can use MAKEMKV to convert these ISO files to MKV files that will contain all of the contents that is on the blu-ray - movie previews, special features, main movie, etc, ...
I am not sure of the exact procedure I need to use to accomplish this or if this is possible to do using makemkv.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Blu-ray ISO file to MKV file

Post by Woodstock »

If the ISO had the copy protection removed already, then you just need to open the ISO file in MakeMKV.

If it still has its copy protection, it is unlikely that the ISO contains the necessary information to compute the decryption key, but you can give it a try, by opening the ISO like above. If it doesn't work, do a search here for "discatt" and you can find instructions on how to create the missing information from the original disk.
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Re: Blu-ray ISO file to MKV file

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if the ISO still has copy protection (and not bus encrypted) and someone else in the world with an internet connection has decrypted the disc before with anydvd, anydvd will be able to decrypt the iso if mounted. you can then take its output and use with makemkv
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