Blu_ray failure :-[

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Blu_ray failure :-[

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hi. this is not being written from a place of ignorance. I have followed troubleshooting (increased Read Retry Count from 5 to 10, discs are clean....... etc) with no success and I have come to the point where I just want someone else's opinion.
I recently managed to delete a full 12TB HDD of movies. tried to set up a plex server and somehow its all gone. so I pulled out my boxes of blu-rays and started to rip them all again, all of which have previously ripped without issue.
I use a Pioneer BDR-XD07TB, USB powered, same player same set-up from ripping the disc's previously. no external power then or now, it all worked fine then so I cant see power issues being the problem.
Most of my disc's are ripping without issue but there has been a fair few that fail pretty much exactly on the half way mark getting this error: Error 'Scsi error - MEDIUM ERROR:L-EC UNCORRECTABLE ERROR' occurred while reading '/BDMV/STREAM/00024.m2ts' at offset '22262378496' and then a bunch of these Error 'OS error - STATUS_DEVICE_DATA_ERROR' occurred while reading '\Device\CdRom0' at offset '22262378496' and then the rip fail.
Most discs that I get these errors on I retry the rip and it rips successfully but I have a couple disc that they just wont get past the half way mark.
like i said all these discs have previously ripped perfectly fine.
I'm at a loss, dunno what to try.
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Re: Blu_ray failure :-[

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You probably know this…

MEDIUM ERROR:L-EC UNCORRECTABLE ERROR indicates the drive is having a hard time correctly reading the disc.

STATUS_DEVICE_DATA_ERROR indicates the OS decided there was something wrong with the drive itself. With USB powered drives it is often the case that the drive runs out of power when trying to read a difficult spot on the disc.

Even though the discs have been previously read by the same drive (perhaps even on the same computer), nothing is static. The drive and discs are older now. Sometimes discs develop a nearly invisible film on them from off gassing of the plastic cases. The standard advice to clean the disc often helps in this situation.

As for power, a powered enclosure is best. Or perhaps a different USB plug that can provide more power?
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